Breakfast:  a Trek bar

AM snack:  homemade blueberry popsicle

Lunch:  chicken and vegetable soup with parmesan

PM snack: homemade strawberry popsicle

Dinner: turkey burritos (ground turkey, red pepper, orange pepper, onion, black beans, corn all cooked together with tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and a little Tabasco sauce) on wholemeal tortillas with low fat cheese and low fat sour cream and Mexican rice

Great, great day today.  Motivated myself to go for a nice long walk (3.19 miles!) with the dog.  She was exhausted at the end of it and I have blisters on both feet, but hey, it was worth it!  It was a really beautiful day and I enjoyed getting out and breathing the fresh air.  I had my new iPod chock full of cheesy tunes, and that made the time go by quickly and was strangely motivating.  I also realised that I didn’t think about food for the 80 or so minutes I was walking.  Maybe if I keep myself busy with exercise, I won’t have time to overeat!  😉