Much better day today.  Started off a bit grey and cloudy, but the weather improved and it’s lovely and sunny now.  Not warm, but hey, sunny will do!

I’m at a phase at work where I have multiple meetings scheduled every day, and I’m finding it hard to plan my meals because I’m away from the office a lot.  As a result, I found myself back at McDonald’s today, which ideal, but I really have developed a a love for their Spicy Vegetable sandwiches and wraps. They’re incredibly good and not *too* terribly bad from a nutritional standpoint.  They’re also very filling, which is something I need to remember next time, because I DON’T need to have fries, too!  (Either from a nutritional or fullness standpoint!)

Breakfast:  banana and a small handful of raw mixed nuts

Lunch:  McDonald’s spicy vegetable wrap, medium fries, Sprite Zero

Snack:  (please note these weren’t all at the same time!) a Trek bar, a homemade strawberry popsicle (low fat yogurt, strawberries,and Splenda all whizzed in the blender and frozen — really good!) and a cheese stick

Dinner:  homemade bolognese sauce (with lots of veggies) over farfalle with some parmesan and low-fat cheese (man, do I love cheese or what?)

Dessert: another homemade strawberry popsicle

I stopped at the supermarket after work and bought the ingredients to make more popsicles and a second popsicle mold.  They’re a really lovely treat and will satisfy my sweet tooth when I get cravings.  Plus, at fewer than 50 calories each, how bad can they be?!  I’ll be using agave nectar in my future recipes — just used Splenda because it was what I  had on hand yesterday.